Resources for Young People

Below is our (still growing!) list of resources designed for young people. Check back for regular additions!

  • Bible Jamming: a quirky, cheeky method to get a whole group of young people actively involved in reading a Bible passage. Harness your group's competitiveness to increase their retention with this creative & fun Bible Engagement Tool. Watch a video explanation here.
  • Prayer Walk: As you head out to exercise, why not use what you see as prompts for prayer? This tool will guide your thoughts, prayers and reflections as you walk.
  • New Life: Jesus chose to give us new life. How can we do the same?
  • Virtual Bake-A-Long: A fun way to share communion and community when we can't be physically close.
  • "Be Still and Know That I Am God": Reflect on the ways God is calling you to stillness in your life. Great for youth group & small group discussions, or for families with teenagers.