About Us

Welcome to SU Australia.
SU stands for Scripture Union, an organisation with over 140 years of history.

SU Australia works alongside churches and communities to give children, young people and their families opportunities to discover hope and life in God’s big story.

We do this through the provision of school chaplaincy services, camps, community-based missions, schools ministry, At-Risk Youth programs, and offer nationally recognised training programs in youth work at both Certificate IV and Diploma levels.

Our Mission

To bring God’s love, hope, and good news to children, young people, and families.

Our Values

  • Engaging Life
  • Loving God
  • Developing people
  • Empowering teams
  • Creating belonging

Among our principal activities are:


Contact: (03) 9482 5700 (then dial 1)

Creative strategies for working with ‘at risk’ young people in schools and communities, including Curriculum support, lunchtime programs, seminars, leadership development, ethics and lifestyle, peer support and mentoring, camping.


Contact: (03) 5156 6511
A range of options for young people and families including:
Residential camps for schools at Coolamatong, adventure camping, weekend church camps, holiday camps for young people and families.


Contact: (03) 9482 5700 (then dial 2)
These are Christian ‘Holiday Programs’ conducted by SU, and include:

  • Free, fun and interactive holiday programs in over 20 different holiday locations
  • Youth support work in NYE hotspots
  • School term holiday clubs


Contact: (03) 9482 5700
SU operates a vocational learning program that combines exciting, on the ground’ ministry involvement, with gaining a formal certificate in Youth work. Interns can either serve in schools or in camping programs. The program runs for a year.


Contact: (03) 9482 5700 (then dial 3)
Our bookshop is set up to stock a select range of the very best tools to assist people to work with children, young people and families ranging from philosophical to immediately practical. SU also has an excellent range of Bible reading aids for all ages.

SU is a non profit organisation, and almost totally funded through donations from Christians and churches.

We welcome you to support our work in this way.