Resources for Children

Below is our (still growing!) list of resources designed for children. Check back regularly for weekly additions!

  • Bigger Than Time: A creative activity that uses your smartphone's camera to show how God is so much bigger than we can imagine.
  • "Very Good!" ChiFam Challenge: God has made each of carefully and shaped us into people who are very good. A resource for children & families.
  • Anzac Day ChiFam Challenge: An idea for bringing a message of thanks, hope or love to your street this Anzac Day.
  • The Great Chip Challenge: What do chips and people have in common? Find out when you and your houshold take on The Great Chip Challenge!
  • Prayer Walk: As you head out to exercise, why not use what you see as prompts for prayer? This tool will guide your thoughts, prayers and reflections as you walk.
  • Easter Crosses: An Egyptian craft tradition that helps tell the Easter Story.
  • A Paper Plane Tells the Easter Story: A practical way to tell the Easter Story using a paper plane.
  • Thankful Prayer Chain: A great hands-on activity for children and families to do together. What are you thankful for?

Other Scripture Union Resources

  • Guardians of Ancora: A free app where children and families can explore interactive worlds, listen to bible stories, play games and more!⁣
  • Reading Plans: Guardians of Ancora: Free YouVersion Bible reading plans for kids that complement their game experience.
  • Stories from the Kingdom: An 8-week resource with fun videos designed to help you explore some of Jesus’ most interesting parables. Also available as a free reading plan from YouVersion.


  • Easter Story Videos - Max7: A 3-part video series on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Top Ten Bible Stories from Mark - Max7: Providing animated pictures, contextual notes and helpful questions to explore, this downloadable resource is great for new readers and parents reading the Bible with their children.