Friendships Flourish at Queenscliff Theos

  Monday 21st February, 2022

Friendships Flourish at Queenscliff Theos

A few members of the Queenscliff Theos team

At my first Queenscliff Theos, three years ago, the first person I spoke to was this introverted young guy. We chatted awkwardly for a bit, until I asked him if he played an instrument. From there we bonded over a shared love of music. We chatted and jammed together.

Each year he would be a little more open with me about his faith journey. I asked him what he was thinking about God, and each year I could see his answers slowly changing as he thought more about God and experienced God’s love at Theos and in his everyday life. This year we were chatting about faith, and he told me he’d made a friend who was a Christian. He said to me, “It’s really nice to see how she has someone she can trust when she’s in trouble. I want to be like that.”

I was floored. It was a big step for him. It was great to chat together about what that looks like, and how he can get involved with a church and learn more from his friend. I’m looking forward to continuing to connect with him at Theos next year, over some online games, and maybe even at church one day.

— Evan, Queenscliff Theos Team Member

This story is part of the February 2022 issue of CONNECT.