‘Crazy’ Hair Supporting Food Bank at Moe South Street

  Monday 21st February, 2022

‘Crazy’ Hair Supporting Food Bank at Moe South Street

Crazy Hair Day at Moe South Street

A lot of local families, including some at our school, have recently appreciated the support of local food banks. Our food banks needed a top up of goods, so the Moe South Street Primary community stepped up to help. But we couldn’t just bring in items, we had to make it fun! So we held a crazy hair day!

Students came to school on our Crazy Hair Day carrying non-perishables for the food banks, and wearing their hair in some wild shapes! There were bright colours, elaborate braids, flowers, hair gel, and even a very hairy spider!

I then involved the students in the sorting and packaging of the food items for the food banks. One of the younger girls looked seriously at all of the tins of tuna, and asked me to make sure that they went first to the families with cats. Bless her for thinking of the cats!

The response in providing canned goods, and the creativity of the hair, were signs of the Moe South Street families’ willingness to give back to their community. It was a fun and special day!

Val, Moe South Street Primary Chaplain

This story is part of the February 2022 issue of CONNECT.