God at Work, Even in Iso!

  Monday 21st February, 2022

God at Work, Even in Iso!

Ryan, Portland SUFM Director

Early into our time at Portland, our SUFM team had to go isolate due to a positive COVID-19 result. It was hard not being able to run our normal program. But isolating together at the local Baptist church where we stay, our lockdown became almost like a youth camp! We found ourselves with heaps of time for discussion and reflection. It was a great use of our iso time.

As we spent time in small groups, discussion, and worship, a couple of young people on our team made new commitments to follow Jesus. They had joined the team at the invitation of friends, and were new to church and to faith. Another team member had been a part of the team for years as a team kid, and now a leader this year she made the decision to be baptised. And her family were there on team to celebrate with her.

The team going into iso was hard, but God was still at work. We made the most of the situation, and were blessed to have the team families there to help facilitate. It was definitely the best isolation experience I think I'll get.

— Ryan, Portland SUFM Director

This story is part of the February 2022 issue of CONNECT.