A Peak Life Experience in WA

  Wednesday 24th November, 2021

A Peak Life Experience in WA

Campers Coasteering on camp in WA

SU’s Western Australia Southwest Adventure is a new camp allowing up to 40 campers to come and learn how to adventure with God. They go on many entry-level adventures such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, Coasteering, and swimming.

One camper who arrived at camp telling us he did not believe in following rules or talking about God, proceeded to hug every single one of his male leaders before leaving. One leader handed him a Bible on his way to catch the bus home, and he read his new Bible during the hour-long journey home. He was still reading it when his dad picked him up on the other end.

It is a privilege to create a space of love and acceptance and watch as God fills in the details for us. What an awesome God we serve!

Provided by the SU team in Western Australia. Edited for length.

This story is part of the November 2021 issue of CONNECT.