New Opportunities in Warrnambool

  Wednesday 24th November, 2021

New Opportunities in Warrnambool

Warrnambool Theos directors Ella (left) and Sylvia (right)

Last summer our team headed to Ballarat to engage with the local community. Following mission we started thinking about returning to Apollo Bay. We had conversations with the caravan park, and realised that our time at Apollo Bay was at an end. So, this summer we’re heading to Warrnambool with a similar aim as in Ballarat, to lend a hand to people on the margins and share God’s invitation with people who are typically on the outside and aren’t often seen. We’re excited to experience friendship with them, and to embrace Jesus’s upside-down Kingdom with them.

We’re super aware that we’re not experts, and people there know more than us about what it’s like to live in that community. But we’re partnering with Gateway Church, who do know the neighbourhood, and we’re keen to listen and to serve. It’s not going to be a typical Theos mission, but it's going to be a mission where we listen to local people and work with them for what they need.

A team will also be returning to Ballarat this summer!

Ella & Sylvia, Warrnambool Theos Directors

This story is part of the November 2021 issue of CONNECT.