Relaunching Port Campbell Missions

  Wednesday 24th November, 2021

Relaunching Port Campbell Missions

Port Campbell church member Jo (left) and Mission Director Ruth (right)

There hasn’t been a summer mission at Port Campbell for around eighteen years, but this summer that will change! There are so many children, young people, and families in Port Campbell, especially over summer, and many of them don’t have any way of being introduced to God. My kids and I have been participants at Port Campbell CSSM in the past, and one of my friends became a Christian through that CSSM. I thought an SUFM might be the answer, so I reached out to SU and they found directors and a team!

SUFMs have such a fun and clear way of introducing God to kids and their families. Now that the area is opening up again after lockdown, an SUFM is a great way for people to get together again; a good way to connect the community, in a way that’s relevant to kids.

It’s wonderful to see young people with such a passion for sharing God with young families. And the teams learn so much about themselves through it, too. Our church is small, with not many young people. So this is a chance for our youngsters to see that there are other young people around who are passionate about sharing their faith, especially with kids, and doing something different with our community.

— Jo, Port Campbell church member

I’ve been a part of SUFMs for eight years. This summer I, and my co-director Andrew, are directing the new Port Campbell SUFM. I’m excited to be building up the relationships in the community, and making those connections. It’s exciting to be starting something new where there hasn’t been something for a while. We also have a very new team, filled with first timers. So we’re looking forward to starting something new together.

— Ruth, Port Campbell Mission Director

This story is part of the November 2021 issue of CONNECT.