On Jesus’s Team – Katherine KidsGames

  Tuesday 24th August, 2021

On Jesus’s Team – Katherine KidsGames

This August, a group of Coolamatong staff and interns travelled to the Northern Territory to be part of Katherine KidsGames, working alongside the SU NT team and volunteers from local churches in Katherine and Darwin. KidsGames is fantastic. There are games, activities, Bible dramas, and small groups. It’s all very engaging and fun. We started the program with seven kids, and each day those kids would bring friends and family to the program, and we ended with 24 attending! We were able to connect with local kids from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and gave them opportunities to explore stories from the life of Paul and consider their own response.

One of the girls talked with us about being on Jesus’s team. She told us when she came to KidsGames last year she saw herself as being in the stands, watching Jesus’s team on the field, but not ready to join in. This year she said was on the field, playing as part of Jesus’s team! It was really special to see that kind of growth and change.

The Coolamatong interns led the Games program and helped equip local church leaders. We saw the interns grow closer together through sharing their testimonies, and grow in their leadership skills. They tried something different every day, and I think they came away realising extra skills they developed, I think this surprised some of them. It was really special for the staff to see our interns serving and growing in new context.

_— Laura, Trip Leader

This story is part of the August 2021 issue of CONNECT.