Coola Internships - A Great Experience, A Great Community

  Tuesday 1st September, 2020
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Coola Internships - A Great Experience, A Great Community

Coolamatong Interns learning to build a raft

I heard about Camp Coolamatong internships while on a mission trip with my youth group in the Northern Territory! In 2019 my Youth Group in Bairnsdale went on a mission trip to the Northern Territory with the Coola interns. We ran a Kids Games program in Katherine and I really enjoyed the whole experience, especially the time spent with the kids. God’s impact was very evident during that trip and I came back with a clear image from God that I was meant to come to Coola. So instead of heading off to Uni, I came here!

Being an intern has been challenging and rewarding. It can be very physically and mentally demanding, but once you get into the swing of it and spend time with the kids, it’s an absolute blast. It’s great to connect with the kids and show them a bit of God’s kingdom. It’s been a lot of fun.

At one camp I was put with a group of seven active boys. While it was a challenging week, I also saw the biggest change in any group I’ve ever seen. I saw them start to respect people more because they saw me, a leader, engaging in life with them on their level.

The internship has helped me learn how to work and interact with others better, and how to work in a team. I really enjoy the community here, that’s one of the most appealing things. We spend so much time together and we’ve learnt to understand one another. I’ve found long lasting friendships, and a great community where I feel comfortable and safe no matter what’s going on in the world – which is really valuable with everything that’s happening now.

This year I’ve grown closer to God, and grown in my understanding of myself and to trust God for the future. I’ve gained experience in Outdoor Education and working with kids. I’m not sure what next year looks like, I might even do another year at Coola to have a chance to grow more and get a better experience with children and ministry. If you feel God calling you to an internship at Coola, just do it, it’s worth it.

Rowan, Camp Coolamatong Intern

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