SUFM Goes Online

  Friday 1st May, 2020
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SUFM Goes Online

Screenshot of a Yarram SUFM Zoom session

Faced with the possibility of not running, Yarram Kids Bible Club went online and we’ve continued to flourish during this time of restrictions.

Kids and their parents log onto Zoom so we can all see each other and interact. In our online program we’ve seen our group dancing around to our songs in their living rooms and watching Bible story pictures on their laptop screens. Each week we’ve had new families join with us. This virtual space is enabling us to share God’s love and Good News and be relevant and active in our community.

A typical program includes songs, Bible stories, a craft activity and games - including a scavenger hunt to collect items for the craft and story. Doing a shared craft together helps bring a sense of community to the group. Every week we deliver a package of supplies to each family including craft supplies and puzzles. We’ve also made great use of the Zoom shared whiteboard, recently retelling the Palm Sunday story and inviting each child to draw a different part of the story – the photo shows the result!

One of the mums said to me, “I just want to let you know my kids absolutely look forward to it, they just love it. To them, this is their church, it’s a community for them, it’s not just a program”. From the very first week we’ve received positive feedback. I’m awash with gratitude to God for this success.

— Sophie, Yarram SUFM

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