Coola Kitchen Cooking For Locals

  Friday 1st May, 2020
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Coola Kitchen Cooking For Locals

Kellie, Shiny and Amy cooking in the Coola Kitchen

Coola Kitchen was created to serve the needs of our community by offering ready-made meals to order. We’ve been running for over a month, cooking two to three days a week and then doing deliveries. Coola Kitchen helps Camp Coolamatong connect with the local community and provides an innovative way they can support us when they can’t be with us.

People have absolutely loved the dishes and we’ve had a number of reorders, which is the real testimony! We’re creating about 200 serves a week, with the most popular dish so far being a classic beef lasagne. Kellie, Camp Coolamatong’s Farm Camp Catering Manager, has done an awesome job of organising all the catering and looking after dietary needs. It’s something that we pride ourselves on when running camps and we want to continue valuing people in our community in this way too.

For two elderly sisters who are living together during this time, the meal delivery has been such a blessing as they don’t feel able to shop with the freedom and peace of mind they are used to. It has also been a great help for their daughter in Melbourne, who can place an order and know they will be looked after. We’ve had another supporter place an order to ‘pay it forward’, using it as a donation to pay for meals for people in our local community who may need it. This gift enabled us to organise a meal delivery to a friend of someone at Bairnsdale Baptist Church—a friend who has no connection with the church. It was great to be able to bless her with no strings attached! We’ve also seen people order meals for friends to show them care when they can’t see each other. To be able to cater for these people has been delightful, and it has been great to be in the community in a way that’s not possible when we are running camps.

To get the word out we’ve shared updates on Facebook, and local churches have been great in advertising. Some people have even taken the initiative to organise a letter drop to the people in their street. We’re continuing to find new ways to spread the word so we can reach even more people in our community.

For all the details and to place your order, click here.
Coola Kitchen offers free delivery to Bairnsdale, Paynesville, Newlands Arm, Eagle Point and Forge Creek.

— Amy, Coolamatong Assistant Director

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