Great Vic Bike Ride 2019!

  Thursday 12th December, 2019
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Great Victorian Bike Ride 2019
Read the great dispatch from SU Vic's GVBR team...

Combine 10 days of camping in tents on paddocks of varying smoothness, long queues for food, showers, toilets, and coffee, and 680 km of bike-riding up and down hills in whatever the weather provides… you have the Great Victorian Bike Ride. ⁣

It’s now been running annually for 35 years, and draws people from around Victoria and the world. It’s an intense shared experience for participants; their reasons for coming vary and the atmosphere is friendly, open, and egalitarian. ⁣

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Every year since 2012 a group of riders, supported by SU, have joined the ride to intentionally listen to the people they met and to pray for God’s blessing on them. Every year we have engaged with people whose stories and experiences have led us to prayer. ⁣
This year was no exception. We had substantial conversations – some repeated during the ride or between rides – with around 100 people. ⁣
We found the task of active and empathetic listening a challenge, but also a blessing, and I am sure that many of our encounters on the road will remain with us for years to come.

— Syd, SU Victoria GVBR Team Director

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  Wednesday 4th December, 2019
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