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Special Update: National SU Movement

  Tuesday 15th December, 2020

I am excited to let you know that our SU Victoria board has this week signed a ‘transformation agreement’ to join a merged Scripture Union movement across Australia. SUWA, SUNT, SUQ, SUACT, SUSA and SU Tasmania have also signed the agreement. The SU Victoria board will ratify this in March as part of the legal process, with a view to merging nationally at the end of March.

The dream for a national Scripture Union began four years ago, borne out of a desire to be able to support each other’s mission more effectively and develop new mission together. The process has been deeply prayerful as we all tried to discern God’s will. While there have been plenty of legal, structural and procedural discussions, they have always been shaped by underpinning questions:

How can we better serve God in his mission to children, young people and families? What will see the SU mission become stronger and grow?

We are driven by a simple vision:

‘Every child, young person and family in Australia has opportunities of transforming experiences with Jesus and a life-long journey of discipleship and service’

Currently too many people are missing out. Faith in Australia is in decline in younger age groups, and we feel called by God to share the Good News of Jesus more effectively.

Since Josiah Spiers wrote “God is Love” in the sand, Scripture Union has time and time again decided to change structures to allow mission to grow. And we have seen the work of Scripture Union grow and flourish across the world as a result.

Change brings risk and uncertainty. However, we believe that the risk of no change is greater. There is an urgent need to share the Good News of Jesus more effectively with children, young people and families. While each state has been diligently pursuing SU’s mission, resources we could use in mission are being wasted in duplicated systems and administration. After many years of careful consideration we are confident we will better pursue our mission together.

We stand on the threshold of a defining moment in Scripture Union’s history in Australia. Please stand with us in prayer as we move forward together.

SU Victoria Board Chair