Scripture Union has SUFMs and Theos operating in more than 20 towns over the summer season. There are also several camps running over the same period all of which are at Coolamatong. These dates are for the coming 2017/2018 season.

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Please note that there may be a team day off in the middle somewhere, so a program may not be running on one given day. If you have any queries please contact SU Missions.


SUFM = Children, Teenagers and Families
Theos = Teenagers and Young Adults

Anglesea SUFM 30th Dec – 6th Jan
Anglesea Theos 27th Dec – 2nd Jan
Apollo Bay SUFM (Beach Out) 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Apollo Bay Theos 28th Dec – 3rd Jan
Balnarring SUFM (Peninsula) 28th Dec – 7th Jan
Barwon Heads SUFM 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Barwon Heads Theos 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Brimbank SUFM 3rd – 7th July (School Holidays 2017)
Coolamatong Family Camp 1 31st Dec – 6th Jan
Coolamatong Family Camp 2 7th Jan – 14th Jan
Coolamatong Family Camp 3 14th Jan – 20th Jan
Coolamatong Family Camp 4 20th Jan – 24th Jan
Coolamatong Grade 4-6 Camp 14th Jan – 19th Jan
Coolamatong Year 7-9 Camp 31st Dec – 7th Jan
Coolamatong Year 10-12 Camp 7th Jan – 14th Jan
Cowes SUFM 2nd Jan – 8th Jan
Cowes Theos 27th Dec – 3rd Jan
Eden (The Pod & Theos) 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Inverloch SUFM 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Lakes Entrance Theos 29th Dec – 6th Jan
Lorne SUFM 8th Jan – 12th Jan
Lorne Theos 29th Dec – 4th Jan
Mallacoota SUFM 29th Dec – 6th Jan
Mallacoota Theos 30th Dec – 7th Jan
McCrae SUFM (Peninsula) 29th Dec – 6th Jan
Noble Park SUFM 6th Jan – 14th Jan
Port Fairy SUFM 28th Dec – 6th Jan
Portarlington SUFM 28th Dec – 4th Jan
Portland SUFM 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Queenscliff SUFM (Going Tidal) 28th Dec – 5th Jan
Rosebud SUFM (Peninsula) 2nd Jan – 12th Jan
St Arnauds Theos 3rd Jan – 13th Jan
Tidal River SUFM 31st Dec – 11th Jan
Tidal River Theos 31st Dec – 11th Jan
Torquay SUFM 8th Jan – 12th Jan
Warrnambool SUFM (Champion City) 8th Jan – 12th Jan
Wye River Theos 29th Dec – 4th Jan
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