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Torquay SUFM Registration

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I understand that photos may be taken during the program activities which include my child. I give my full permission to Scripture Union to use, reproduce and publish in their communication media, any photo or video which includes my child/ward. I understand that Scripture Union will never identify my child/ward in any image used. I acknowledge that no fee or remuneration will be provided for the participant's appearance in any such communication media.


Please let us know of any conditions which may require special attention, including but not limited to: behavioural issues, diabetes, food allergies, asthma, or conditions such as epilepsy. By signing this waiver you are releasing us to seek any medical attention we see as necessary for your child.

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Parent/Guardian Details

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Further Information

Child drop-off/collection and transportation
The authorised parent or guardian must sign their child(ren) in to the program each day.
The authorised parent of guardian must sign their child(ren) out of the program each day unless they specify that the child has permission to leave the program alone or with another designated person.

Behaviour Guidelines
Participants are required to behave in a safe and respectful way towards other participants and the program team.
Failure for any participant to uphold the behaviour guidelines may result in the following:
1. Scripture Union team members will remind the child/young person about appropriate behaviour and sport specific instructions.
2. If inappropriate behaviour persists, either:
- Supervision will be increased, for example buddying up the participant and a team member (in a ChildSafe appropriate manner).
- The participant may be removed from the group for a short time (5-10 minutes) to give them time to reflect on their actions.
- Depending on the severity and persistence of the misbehaviour, parents are contacted
- If a child's behaviour does not improve despite all efforts, the team member may have to ask the parents to remove the child from the program. This is an extremely rare situation and would only ever be a last resort.
Scripture Union reserves the right to refuse or conclude a participant's involvement in the program if there is a breach of the Program Behaviour Guidelines (see above). Any costs incurred as a result of damaged property will be charged to the parent/guardian.

I am aware that program activities carried out by Scripture Union programs may involve risk and in permitting my child/ward to participate in such activities I do so at my child/ward's own risk. I recognise that such activities may cause physical injury and I am aware of the risks involved.
I release Scripture Union, its volunteers, and its staff from all liability arising from injury or damage, including to property, however caused, arising out of my child/ward's participation in any of the activities offered by Scripture Union.
I agree to assume the risk of any injuries, damages, or loss, regardless of severity, that my child/ward may sustain as a result of being a participant in these activities.
I authorise Scripture Union staff and volunteers to obtain such medical assistance as they deem necessary, and I agree to meet any expenses incurred, including transport.

COVID-19 Information

Each participant (or participant's family if appropriate) is asked to not attend program if:

  • They (or their child) are required to be in isolation because of a diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Anyone in their household is currently undertaking a period of 7 or 14 day quarantine as a result of being a close contact of someone with COVID-19
  • Anyone in their household is awaiting a COVID-19 test result
  • They (or their child) are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath

Additionally, by signing this agreement, you agree to:

  • Advise a representative of the SU program if any of my children attending develop any of the above symptoms prior to attending a program activity day
  • Advise a representative of the SU program in the event any one of the above scenarios becomes true for my household
  • Contact a representative of the SU program in the event anyone of my household attending the SU activities receives a diagnosis of COVID-19 in the 14 days after their involvement in the SU program


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