What SU Camps Have Meant for Josh

  Monday 21st February, 2022

What SU Camps Have Meant for Josh

Campers on the lake at Camp Coolamatong

I grew up as a missionary kid in India until I was 15. When I was around 12 years old, I came to Australia to attend Grade 4-6 Camp at Camp Coolamatong… and I came back every summer to attend a holiday camp at Coola.

I loved the environment, the other campers, and the leaders. Every year I would return it felt like we picked up right where we left off. I loved the deep chats, and not having to worry about what anyone else was thinking about me. I was able to come out of my shell and be myself, and grow so much stronger in my relationship with God.

Last year I led on Grade 4-6 Camp for the first time. This year I led on both Grade 4-6, and Year 7-10. It was exhausting, but I’ll probably do it again next year! I loved being able to give the kids the kind of experience I had on camp. I helped them have fun, I listened to them, and I shared with them. I told them my story of growing up in India, of being on camps, and of coming back to Australia. I hope that my story helps them as they go through their own challenges.

This year I’m volunteering as an intern at Coola, learning all the practical skills that go into running a camp. I'm really excited for the year ahead. Camps have always been milestones for me, always the biggest reinforcement for my faith. Being an intern at Coola will be fulfilling for me, in every way.

— Josh, SU Camps leader and Coola Intern

This story is part of the February 2022 issue of CONNECT.