Choices, Hope, Identity, and Connection at Ripplebrook PS

  Wednesday 24th November, 2021

Choices, Hope, Identity, and Connection at Ripplebrook PS

Chaplain Leanne at Ripplebrook PS

I love watching the responses of children when they discover new things for themselves. This year I’ve been using the SU CHIC (Choices, Hope, Identity, and Connection) material with a group of six primary school kids from a range of year levels. At first, making the switch to a group setting was challenging for the kids. They’re very settled and open with me individually, but in a group they were disruptive and distracting. Gradually I’ve watched the group develop. The louder ones talk a little less and the quieter ones come out of their shells. They all are more open with expressing their feelings, and they’re learning a lot about themselves, their emotions, and their place in the world.

There are two girls in the group I’ve watched grow so much this year. Now they’re looking to take on more leadership roles with the group. They come to me and quietly ask, ‘can I help with this activity?’ They’re taking on responsibility, taking direction, helping other kids, and doing really well with it. Some kids don’t have much self-worth—they might even struggle to name one single good thing about themselves. These girls, and the rest of the group, are able to identify some of the unique and special things about themselves. One girl showed me she’d written in her journal that she has decided she loves God—completely unprompted. God is at work in these young people. Don’t ever doubt that.

— Leanne, Ripplebrook Primary School Chaplain

This story is part of the November 2021 issue of CONNECT.