Local Community Action on MAD Camp

  Wednesday 24th November, 2021

Local Community Action on Secondary MAD Camp

Two campers leaving encouraging notes on their local nature strip

Even after two years of online learning for students there was still heaps of excitement for Secondary MAD Camp online! Along with some new faces, every one of the campers from last year’s camp returned, bringing friends with them.

The core of MAD Camp is Making A Difference. We want to help young people discover they can make a positive difference in their world, and then empower them to go out and do it. Our philosophy is that each person has strength, values, worth, and the ability to make a difference.

Adapting the community action activities to do from home was tricky, but the campers really thrived and came up with creative ways to contribute to their community despite restrictions. Two campers lived close together, so they joined up and created paper flowers with encouraging notes that they planted on the nature strip for passers-by. Other campers helped out their families, planted veggie gardens, and made chalk art on the footpaths to give people passing by an opportunity to smile.

— Sunny, Co-director

This story is part of the November 2021 issue of CONNECT.