Youth Work Placement Serving At Mount Waverley

  Tuesday 24th August, 2021

Youth Work Placement serving at Mount Waverley Secondary College

Jake (L) and Madeline (R)

I’ve loved being a part of the A to B program, Breakfast Club, and CHAT camp. I’ve seen the impact these programs have on young people. One young person who attends the A to B program with us told me she feels anxious about classes, she doesn’t feel ready or prepared, and so she doesn’t do well in class. In the A to B program she feels supported, and loves coming. When I was younger, I didn’t know about all the support and services that were out there. I want to help connect kids to the services they need to help them, and do something with my life that involves supporting young people.

— Madeline

Placement with SU has been really eye opening, and I’ve seen the impact a friendly presence has on kids in schools almost instantly. The A to B program, Breakfast Club, and anti-bullying days have given me chances to connect with kids, and welcome them. One kid stood out to me—he didn’t feel super connected to other people in the school, but sought us out and spent time with us. I love being able to build rapport with kids and make sure they have a person that they’re comfortable to talk with about school and life.

— Jake

This story is part of the August 2021 issue of CONNECT.