Transforming Experiences…

  Tuesday 24th August, 2021

Transforming Experiences…

Coola interns and KidsGames participants in Katherine, NT

I wonder what comes to mind when you hear SU, or Scripture Union? How would you know you’re part of an SU team, at an SU event or activity? What characterises SU’s approach to ministry?

I’m sure words like creative, active, fun, kids, Bible, Gospel, friends, team, community, relationships and, of course, those memorable team-t shirts come quickly to mind.

Through over 150 years of mission and ministry with children, young people, and families around the world, SU has developed some distinctives, some characteristic ways of working, shaped through equipping volunteers and teams, engaging with people of all ages and serving in a variety of communities and contexts. At the heart of these distinctives is disciple-making, helping people of all ages—especially children, young people, and families—journey with Jesus.

As we become a national movement, two documents will be significant in shaping our national missional expression. SU’s Aims, Beliefs and Working Principles outlines who we are as part of an international movement. Scripture Union Australia’s Ethos Statement is our inaugural statement of how we’ll operate, how we’ll serve together in mission, in our Australian context.

As a national movement we want every child, young person, and family to have opportunities of transforming experiences with Jesus and a life-long journey of discipleship and serve. As we move towards this vision we will prioritise Loving God, Developing People, Empowering Teams, and Engaging Life, and the following principles will shape will our engagement:

1. God is at the heart of all we do
2. God is restoring all things through Jesus
3. We value people
4. We foster whole-of-life discipleship
5. We work in relational teams
6. We champion volunteerism
7. We grow missional leaders
8. We actively partner
9. We are active participants in God’s mission
10. We engage children, young people, and families in their life stage and context
11. We are creative and have fun
12. We prioritise safety and integrity

As you read through the priorities and principles you may, like me, find yourself asking, how am I encountering God in prayer and through the Scriptures? Who is God inviting me to disciple, invest in, or encourage? Where are the contexts in which God has placed me? What is God’s invitation to me to help those I engage with to journey with Jesus?

As we journey together as Scripture Union in Victoria, as you engage with SU as pray-ers, volunteers, and supporters, how does God want us to step into this vision? How can we partner, be equipped, and empowered to help children, young people, and families in our neighbourhoods, our churches, and our community have opportunities of transforming experiences with Jesus?

‘Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.’
(Ephesians 3:20 NLT)

God bless you!

Regional Manager, Victoria

This story is part of the August 2021 issue of CONNECT.