On The Stage – Performing Arts Camp

  Tuesday 24th August, 2021

On The Stage – Performing Arts Camp

A Performing Arts Camper in costume

The catch phrase for Performing Arts Camp is “Christ, Community, Creativity.” To create a safe, guided space where kids can grow their skills and confidence, work together, and learn about Jesus is really cool. We had more than twenty campers from Grades 4 - 9 working on dance, drama, and music for their own development, and to prepare a showcase event for parents at the end of the camp.

Expressing creativity through drama, music , and dance is a way that God blesses both the people who are performing, and also the people who are around them. We used creativity to explore the Bible together. The outcomes were both creative, and personal. Campers told us; “I learned more dance in three days than in a year of dance classes,” and, “I learned that God doesn't make things he doesn't love.” One girl actively embraced the creative vulnerability we had modelled when she got on stage, admitted she hadn't quite perfected her performance... and then performed! Seeing that moment, and that joy, was a blessing.

— Lizzy and Ben, Performing Arts Camp Directors

This story is part of the August 2021 issue of CONNECT.