Primary School CHAT Camp

  Wednesday 12th May, 2021
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Summer Mission Returns for Easter

Leaders and campers at CHAT after a game of basketball

CHAT (Cultural Hearing Asking Telling) uses sport to bring local kids from different cultural and religious backgrounds together to have conversations, build community, and see what’s great in each other. We all love sport, but the different sports we're into is also another expression of our diversity. CHAT is all about extending that same curiosity and openness to other people’s beliefs and cultures.
There was a really diverse mix of cultures and faiths in the group this year, who loved being able to talk about what we eat, how we do things at home, and what our neighbours and families are like. The parents loved the program, and the kids themselves didn’t want it to finish!

The questions that we asked were really great, and allowed for open and honest answers. During one small group discussion, a kid said they didn’t understand the why some Christians are called Catholics and some have other names, which gave us an opportunity to talk to the kids about the differences within Christianity. It wasn’t about what you should or shouldn’t believe, but to encourage curiosity and being accepting without judging. We feel like we're sowing seeds of a different approach to confronting difference, so that when they get to that age group, they can be agents of change.

Sami and Naomi, CHAT Camp Coordinators

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