A Grassroots Movement of Love

  Wednesday 12th May, 2021
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A Grassroots Movement of Love

Team huddle during a soccer match at CHAT Sports Camp

If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples. (John 13:35, GNT)

As we take the next steps to integrate into our national movement, I want to pause and reflect on my 7 years in leadership of SU Victoria, what I love about SU and what I sense God is shaping in SU.

First, a few mental snapshots I have as I write this:

  • A little boy who was so happy to be with the brekky club team and eat his toast and play board games with them.
  • The dad who said how much his child loved the SUFM team and program each year, and how he was amazed that the team were volunteers.
  • A mum at ASD Family Camp who was visibly impacted by the love of this temporary community for her and her children.
  • The school principal who said her SU chaplain was so vital for the wellbeing of her school community and her main source of professional support.
  • Volunteers planning their team life and ministry program with such enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and dependence on God.
  • The financial supporter who cried when he heard of a child’s joy in receiving a Bible he’d generously funded.

SU is a diverse movement of ordinary people, who depend on God and work together passionately and sacrificially. We share a ministry culture and mission in which we seek to share God’s love and Good News. My snapshots are a glimpse of the transforming ministry that happens in and through us. We are and seek to be a grassroots movement of love. I’ve appreciated the faith, kindness, and generosity of people—volunteers, families, staff, and supporters—across the movement.

SU’s primary purpose in becoming a national movement is to more effectively sustain, resource, and grow grassroots ministry. Foundational in SU’s national integration is an architecture to support grassroots ministry. It will work as an inverted pyramid, in which the organisational and staff structure support and serves field teams and workers, our grassroots ministries, churches and local communities. It’s about empowering and resourcing more people, in more communities so that even more children, young people and families experience God’s love and Good News.

It is in our lives as followers of Jesus, as we serve together in teams, and in our ministry with kids, young people, families, and local communities that we see so much of what is wonderful about SU. As we move forward into our future, may God’s love so shape our lives, our relationships, our theology, and ministry practice that others are drawn to God through us. May all people know we’re Jesus’s disciples because of our love.

— Justin, State Director/CEO, SU Victoria

This story is part of the May 2021 issue of CONNECT.