ASD Family Camp: Connection, Openness, Trust

  Tuesday 2nd March, 2021

ASD Family Camp: Connection, Openness, Trust

Camper families at ASD Family Camp

Eight families joined us for our first four-night camp. First time families and those with one or two previous camps with us. Our program is relaxed, giving families choice with activities and the freedom to plan an experience that will make this camp a success for their family. Our families have experienced a year of absolute chaos with high anxiety, a lack of community and no routines. We wanted camp to be a space of connecting with God, connecting with community, and connecting with creation as well.

Our adult conversations felt like they’d know each other for months, rather than days. There was a sense of connection that built openness and trust. Our families understand that there is no judgement here. It doesn’t matter if your child has a meltdown, you come as you are and are embraced. It’s not a spoken thing, it’s an experienced thing, a God thing. One returning mum said she loves the unconditional love she gets from being in an environment where she and her kids are accepted no matter what. That’s who God is and we’re demonstrating that.

— Alicia, ASD Family Camp

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