Apollo Bay Theos Serves the Community... In Ballarat!

  Tuesday 30th March, 2021

Apollo Bay Theos Serves the Community... In Ballarat!

The Theos team gardening for the community

This year we couldn’t attend our regular campsite due to COVID, but we managed to get a permit in Ballarat thanks to locals petitioning the council. We knew God was there working from the start!

We changed everything. Half our program was similar to what we normally do: a free barbeque each day in the park, with lawn games, crafts, and a reflective space for resting in God. The other half of the program, which we absolutely loved, was called Random Acts of Kingdom. We cooked and distributed about 20 food hampers and frozen meals, which were met with tears of joy and thanks. One person texted me to say, “I didn’t know how I was going to feed my child this week, now I do.” I said, “This is Jesus. This is Jesus providing for your needs.”

We cleaned and gardened for a few houses too. One person had a young child and was really overwhelmed. Our team was able to go to their house and fix a broken window and back door, do a month’s worth of dishes, and take away eight bags of rubbish.

There was a real practical love of Jesus, and those relationships are way deeper than we could ever usually get. So many people asked us to pray for them. One girl we shared the gospel with said, “When I’m around you, something just changes... I don’t know what’s wrong with you!”

— Laura, Apollo Bay (Ballarat) Theos

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