A Different Looking Summer at Camp Coolamatong

  Monday 14th December, 2020
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A Different Looking Summer at Camp Coolamatong

Jeremie, Summer Holiday Camps Coordinator

It’s been a very different year for Camp Coolamatong, long stretches with no school camps, and we’re planning for a different looking summer. To meet our COVID-safe requirements we’re restricting camper numbers. While disappointing, I keep reminding myself that although it’s great to fill the capacity of Coolamatong, God does not care about numbers; He cares about each individual. The question I keep asking myself is, “How, through these changes, is our love for each individual still shining through?”

I am seeing wonderful opportunity for teams to build close-knit relationships this year. With smaller camps, there’s opportunity for greater quality conversation and a chance to build those relationships that allow for true connection, to allow for God’s love and Good News to shine through leaders’ words and deeds.

It’s really exciting for me to see the enthusiasm that campers have signed up with! Within three days of opening registrations, we booked out both Family Camps and the other camps are well on the way. Such a demonstration that there is something different about SU Summer Camps: people know there is love and care and an underlying message that is meaningful. I am excited to see our teams build up core groups of leaders that can step out from 2020/21 into future camps.

As we engage with children, young people, and families this year, I hope first and foremost that they will know the transforming power of Jesus in their lives. I hope that this is seen through the genuine caring relationships built by our leaders. We welcome your prayers for myself and the teams over summer as we take the always relevant, unchanging message of Jesus and find the current relevant way to help our campers to encounter Him.

— Jeremie, Summer Holiday Camps Coordinator and Camp Coolamatong Program Leader

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