Finding My Place - SU's Schools Ministry Internship

  Tuesday 4th August, 2020
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Finding My Place - SU's Schools Ministry Internship

2020 Schools Ministry Intern, Haley

I first got involved with SU Victoria when I started my Diploma of Community Services placement with Global Classroom in July 2019. I loved being around the students and mentors and I saw their prayers answered by God’s grace. This made me curious to experience MAD (Make a Difference) Camp.

MAD Camp was the first place I felt totally at home. It was a really positive environment and the camp reflected values important to me. On the team I was surrounded by others who shared those values. It was at MAD Camp that I saw why God brought me to this type of work. I wouldn’t have had that confirmation if it weren’t for SU.

Late last year I started to visit the intern weekly gatherings and then joined the internship program at the beginning of 2020. During my internship I have learnt who I am, what my mission is and how to approach that. I have learnt how to approach young people and empower them. I am so grateful that in my journey with Christ I am learning the tools to represent Jesus. Being mentored by Naomi I have learnt my strengths, weaknesses and where my opportunities lie.

As a fairly new follower of Jesus, I have learnt so much and never felt as respected, empowered and at home as I have with Scripture Union. No matter your background, or life choices, there’s an understanding and an appreciation for people. It’s a really welcoming environment. It has completely changed my life, impacting my mental health, my relationships, and my own identity. This is the body of Christ that I think every individual needs to experience – it can be life-changing.

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— Haley, Schools Ministry Intern

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