Mission Keeps Getting Better and Better

  Monday 1st June, 2020
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Mission Keeps Getting Better and Better

Catie and Rebekah met at Port Fairy SUFM when they were kids. Their friendship grew each summer and they now lead on SUFM together!

Rebekah & Catie in 2008 (top) and 2020 (bottom)

I had the best summers ever growing up as a Team Kid in SU missions! My favourite time of year was going to Port Fairy for beach mission. Being a team kid was great. I always felt welcomed and loved and I could tell the team cared about my faith in Jesus. I really admired and looked up to the leaders, so when I was old enough I came back as a leader to share Jesus’ love with kids like my leaders had done for me.

I don’t remember what year Rebekah and I first met, but she was one of the familiar faces I’d see coming back to Port Fairy each year. When I joined the team, it was great to see Rebekah and her family still holidaying at Port Fairy and coming along to the program. Last Summer Rebekah joined our team as a leader. It was so much fun leading together: sharing mission life, doing laundry together, sharing a tent and encouraging one another in our faith, even after we returned home.

For me, being an SUFM leader has turned my faith into everyday worship, not just when I was at church. It helped me to be a servant and a missionary, to understand what God has called us to do, and what that looks like in practice. I’ve seen God work powerfully in people. I’ve seen so many kids grow up through the program and grow in their own faith and understanding of Jesus. I’ve seen kids leave one year with a Bible and come back the next telling me all about their favourite stories. I’ve seen kids completely uninterested in learning about Jesus one year and then when they return the next year, they can’t stop asking great, thoughtful questions. I’ve seen shy kids overcome their fears and perform at talent night with the whole team roaring applause for them showing them how loved they are by the team and by Jesus.

Being part of SU with my family was awesome. It was something we did together that was unique and special. Today it’s still special as my brothers, sister-in-law and I are leaders and my dad still comes along as assistant cook! It’s lovely to share this experience with them and be encouraged together in our faith.
Working with kids on mission has made me realise how much I love seeing and helping kids grow, learn and thrive.

Catie and I met during our holidays down at Port Fairy. We’d both been going to SUFM since we were kids. I was very encouraged that Catie and her family kept returning each year to Port Fairy beach mission. I appreciated that every year I attended the program, Catie and her family were there, faithfully serving God. As a child, I remember the bush dance being my favourite evening program event. I loved getting dressed up for it. Catie’s dad, John, took the photo of us at the bush dance.

Last summer was a blast! It was my first year leading on Port Fairy SUFM after attending as a camper for so many years. Being a leader on the team has given me new insight into the experience, the prayer for participants that goes on behind the scenes, and the care and love shown to all the participants in the program.

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