Growing Vegetables and Impacting Lives

  Friday 28th February, 2020
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School Garden Clubs
Growing Vegetables and Impacting Lives

Garden Club has been a wonderful service to the school and provided a great lunchtime space - particularly for younger children who struggle to make friends and don’t have anything to do during the lunch break. The club runs every Wednesday and the little boys especially seem to love it – there’s something wonderful for boys about digging and dirt!

We talk with the children about all the different plants, teach them how to water them and take care of them, and encourage them to sniff the herbs. When I told them that fennel foliage tastes like liquorice, the plants were quickly defoliated! Parsley also grows well and the kids like to eat it. They love to dig up the vegetables to check them out – ready or not! It’s great to be able to thank them for their help.

The Principal suggested doing a stir fry using the vegetables from the garden. We handed out 120 small serves and the kids said the food was delicious! We’ve valued the welcome and support from the staff, loved the enthusiasm of the students and I’ve had a ball!

— Helen, School Garden Club leader

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