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SU Internships 2023
Working with Children & Families or Youth

Choose your own ministry adventure!

This is a flexible, exciting opportunity to be empowered, trained and equipped for mission, ministry and leadership. Serve in a placement with your church, school, or with an SU ministry. Make a real impact in the lives of children, young people and families in your chosen context.

  • Grow your leadership
  • Get equipped for ministry
  • Be shaped to make a difference in God’s mission

What is the internship?

A year-long, exciting, intense, hands-on ministry experience. It’s a partnership between you, your placement and SU Victoria’s training staff. It includes practical ministry in your church/school/placement, weekly training days with SU Victoria, support from a supervisor, encouragement through mentoring, and the opportunity to be involved in an SU ministry.

“I learnt so many new skills that I noticed really influences my ability to serve in ministries. I have really grown in confidence and in my ability to lead groups.”

— Elmie, Youth Ministry Intern

What will interns do?

We aim to see interns:

  • Commit to self-improvement and development of new skills through constructive feedback and reflection
  • Participate in one-on-one supervision sessions to track development and well-being
  • Grow in spiritual development through regular Bible engagement, prayer, being mentored and involved in a Christian learning community
  • Equipped with ideas, skills and strategies for ministry with youth, children and families

Interns will:

  • Participate in the weekly SU interns formation day: reflecting on and being trained in good work practice, and being part of the life of the SU team
  • Engage in a weekly ministry experience, with support from your supervisor
  • Explore theories and concepts of faith formation, mission and leadership
  • Join a team at a school, MAD Camp, SUFM, SUPA Club, Theos or SU camp, participate in team planning, preparation, delivery, and debriefing of programs
  • Build relationships and make personal connections with other interns

Who is it for?

We are seeking applicants who best fit the following:

  • A love for God and a desire to grow in knowing and serving Christ
  • Enthusiasm to work alongside children or young people. Experience in some capacity is preferred.
  • Willingness to work in a team and work under the relevant policies and ChildSafe practises.
  • A sense of fun matched by a capacity to demonstrate mature and professional role-modelling.
  • A desire to learn and reflect on the job. Able to respond well to constructive feedback with a determination to improve and develop new skills

If you are studying Youth Work, Community Services, Counselling, Education or other allied fields, this internship could also serve as your field placement.

School leavers, graduates and others re-thinking direction, have found interning helpful in exploring future opportunities, calling or career.

“I loved the way the internship combined learning with practical applications in ministry. I gained a greater understanding of where God is calling me.”

— Jack, Children & Families Ministry Intern

When and where?

Weekly routine:

  • One day Intern formation day (face to face and online options)
  • One day in a school, church or local context

Plus, meet with a mentor monthly to check-in

Where could it lead?

  • Continuing to volunteer with your church/ministry with greater leadership and responsibility, or employment if there is an opportunity available
  • Chaplaincy roles
  • Work in schools, local council, community development or in another ministry organisation
  • Volunteering in a leadership capacity with SU camps and missions.
  • Formal academic studies and training at Bible College.