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SU Victoria Training Events 2020 Registration Form

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A series of sessions to adapt, equip and enhance your ministry with children and families in church and mission contexts.

A range of experienced trainers and practitioners will give you new skills, frameworks, resources and ideas, plus you will connect with others in children and families ministry for support and encouragement.

Saturdays (times will vary)
Online – you will be emailed a Zoom link the day before the event
$15 per session
For Who?
Anyone involved in ministry with children and their families, from beginners to experienced practitioners who are renewing or adapting their models.
Registration is required at least three days prior and can be on this form.
More Information
Contact us at or 9482 5700 and speak with the Engagement and Equipping team.

Event List

19th September – Teams and Leadership
(10am - 3pm) Understanding team dynamics helps us be part of teams that minister more effectively than we could alone. We'll cover building teams, especially in this season of change in our programs and team roles, as well as strategies to lead change and transition in our existing teams. Understand yourself and your team in order to better shape culture and serve those you lead and serve.
Presenters: Sue Bluett, Brendan Petty, Leanne Palmer

14th November – Ministry with Families & Equipping Parents
Brent Allred
What does it mean to see children in the context of their families? How can we support and equip parents in the unique role they have in their children’s faith formation and spiritual life

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