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From The State Director - February Update

  Monday 22nd February, 2021

Same, And Different

Our vision is that every child, young person, and family has opportunities for transforming experiences with Jesus. This drives us to serve with energy, creativity, innovation, and dependence on God. Over summer more than 400 volunteers served on 22 summer mission and 4 camp teams. In our current context some of our activities looked the same, but others very different.

After a bushfire-impacted summer and COVID-disrupted year, our missions and camps provided a temporary community experience for young people and families—the impact was profound! Mallacoota SUFM and Theos teams were welcomed back, reconnecting with families and now working alongside Kate, SU’s new community catalyst. Some teams ran in-person programs, others went online. Some teams focused on community engagement, practically serving to meet needs in their communities. Some returned to the same location, others served in new and different locations. Same heart, different experiences.

In recent weeks, school camps have recommenced at Coolamatong, and a new group of interns are learning and working together to impact young lives. Our chaplains have started in their schools, connecting with students and staff. A new round of chaplaincy funding has resulted in some changes in our chaplaincy provision, including new programs in each of our ministry regions.

The year ahead will be significant in the life of Scripture Union. Mid-year we will merge with 6 other state movements and ChildSafe. This change will enable us to keep growing our grassroots ministries—SUFMs, Theos, KidsGames, holiday camps, schools camps, school programs—to more effectively move towards our vision together. You can read our latest SU National Update here. Please join me in praying for our movement in this transition.

Thanks for being part of SU Victoria. God is at work!

State Director/CEO
SU Victoria