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From The Regional Manager - February Update

  Mon 21st Feb, 2022

"What an amazing start to a new year!" Read an update from Leanne, SU's Regional Manager in Victoria


From The National CEO - November Update

  Thu 25th Nov, 2021

"The future is bright!" Read an update from Peter, SU Australia's Group CEO


From The Regional Manager - August Update

  Tue 24th Aug, 2021

"The SU movement has been busy!" Read an update from Leanne, SU's new Vic Regional Manager


From The State Director - May Update

  Thu 13th May, 2021

"This week is a significant time for SU Victoria and for Scripture Union movements around Australia."


From The State Director - February Update

  Mon 22nd Feb, 2021

"After disrupted year, our missions and camps provided a temporary community experience for young people and families—the impact was profound!"


From The State Director - December Update

  Mon 14th Dec, 2020

"Right now is a pivotal time for our movement. We move forward with a sense of expectancy and we move forward together—prayerfully and with determination."


From The State Director - November Update

  Mon 2nd Nov, 2020

"There’s such a sense of hope that comes with the freedom experienced as we emerge from this long season of lockdown. There is a growing sense of optimism across the movement."


From The State Director - October Update

  Mon 5th Oct, 2020

"As the weather warms and COVID restrictions are eased, we can sense a thawing and growing of hope and optimism. I am seeing a sense of purpose and optimism as we plan for summer missions and camps, support ministry in schools and local communities."


From The State Director - September Update

  Tue 1st Sep, 2020

"In a time of continuous change, where life can feel a little ‘on hold’, this vision has seen SU staff and volunteers pivot ministries and adapt program activities, all to keep helping people of all ages encounter Jesus. God is at work through SU Victoria."


From The State Director - August Update

  Wed 5th Aug, 2020

This time of ongoing social and economic crisis requires us to continue adapting our existing ministries while also stepping into new and creativity ministry opportunities.


From The State Director - June Update

  Tue 2nd Jun, 2020

While June brings winter, this year it coincides with a renewed sense of freedom as we emerge from isolation and reconnect with family, friends and colleagues.


From The State Director - May Update

  Tue 5th May, 2020

For SU, after a time of rapid adaptation, we are finding a new ‘normal’, learning to work and serve in new ways, and creatively foster our relational approach as our field teams engage children, young people and families throughout this season.


From The State Director - April Update

  Mon 6th Apr, 2020

These are unprecedented times. Yet within this season of constant change, anxiety and isolation, God is doing a new thing, inspiring missional imagination, and empowering volunteers and staff to rapidly adapt ministry models and develop discipleship experiences and resources.


From The State Director - March Update

  Fri 20th Mar, 2020

"Be still, and know that I am God." (Ps 46:10) Our mission remains the same, to see children, young people, families and communities experience God’s love and Good News.

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